School Values

Otterton and Drake’s Vision Document 

 Growing Stronger Together”  


At Otterton and Drake’s Church of England Primary schools we believe in supporting all members of our community to enable and inspire them to grow as confident, independent learners, fully equipped and ready for life’s challenges. Much like the parable of the Mustard seed (Matthew 13:31–32) we believe that given guidance and support even the smallest can flourish and achieve. 


Our Vision is built around the strong Christian beliefs of Wisdom, Dignity, Community and Hope 


How we will achieve this. 


We aim to achieve our vision, Growing Stronger Together, through: 


Go for it! 

Hope & Aspiration. Nurture academic skills. Courage & character development 


Understanding and respecting everybody in our community.  

Opportunities for all 

Behaviour and relationships. 

We take time to wonder. 

Academic success & spiritual development 


Our school Values are -  

Hope, Compassion, Thankfulness, Respect, Trust and Courage.