Specialist Services and Expertise

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the school?
What training have the staff supporting SEND had or what training are they having?
Otterton C of E Primary School will:

  • Regularly audit and review staff training needs and provide relevant training to develop whole school staff understanding of SEND and strategies to support inclusion and high quality teaching
  • Use our best endeavours to secure the special educational provision called for by the child’s needs.
  • Provide staff with information about effective strategies to use within their class
  • Adhere to the principle that ‘All teachers are teachers of children with special educational needs’; to ensure that all teachers and staff are equipped to deal with a diverse range of needs
  • Acknowledge the key role of the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo) in providing professional guidance to colleagues and contributing to professional development of all staff
  • Ensure that the SENDCo has sufficient designated time to fulfil their role adequately
  • Wherever possible, ensure that the SENDCo is on the SLT, where this is not possible schools should ensure that the SENDCo has appropriate access to the SLT (i.e. through a SEND Champion on SLT) in order to input on whole school strategy with regard to SEND Provision
  • Ensure our SENDCo, if new to the role in a mainstream school, completes the National Qualification for SEND Coordination, within the designated timeframe, and is provided with adequate support to do so
  • Ensure all staff (both teaching and non-teaching) have had training to develop staff knowledge of the four areas of need and the nature of the difficulties linked to each area, including online training materials such as the Inclusion Development programme and Advanced Training Materials
  • Have clear and robust systems in place for evaluating provision by reviewing staff expertise through classroom observations, and pupil progress through book / work scrutiny and pupil observations
  • Understand the processes that govern access to external support services and agencies and access the training and support that they can offer their staff.